Police are not legally obligated to serve and protect, but to enforce the law. The holocaust was the law, hiding Jews was not. The law is a basis for power - WHITE SUPREMACY, CAPITALISM, OPPRESSION, RACISM, PATRIARCHY, BANG, BANG, BANG! Being a good person does not overrule the choice to enforce oppression...there is no "good cop". Remember the chicken, mind your neck when reading the truth...duck, duck, goose.




48 X 48





Note: Artwork is only available based on a first-come first-served donation system i.e. you pay with what you can afford and/or you pay with what you think it's worth. This methodology is used to make art more accessible to people of color and the less fortunate. Postage is not included with donation and will be determined by me. Please allow up to two-weeks for artwork to be delivered. Each artwork comes with an official certificate of authenticity.

Duck, Duck